The Most Common Question I Get Asked

YO! LiKe HOw MuCh FOR A vIDeO bRo!?
Videos (music videos and every other type of video) range in prices everyone, there is not a set price to create a video. If you would like to make a music video or other promotional video with me, please use the contact page and contact me directly and we can begin a discussion on what you are trying to achieve. I’ll work with you budget, and tell you what is realistic.

I've already shot and edited a video, but I don't like it. Can you help?

YES! Frankly, that is one of my favourite things to do! HOWEVER, there are some conditions that I’ll need to help, please contact me directly for more details.

How Long have you been editing/designing/whatever it is you do?

I started in the design/video/whatever it is world when I was about 13, actually no like 10 or something, but everntually I ended up at Humber College for film and television production. I graduated with honors in 2011, with a main focus in post-production. Since then I’ve been working freelance and contract work for multiple companies in and around the GTA. I’ve also taken on a passion for working on music videos, giving them a unique look and extra elements to maintain viewers attention, and bring more focus to local Toronto talent.

I want an animated logo, but I don't have a logo. Can you design me one?

I personally…well, it’s not that I can’t, it is that I won’t. HOWEVER, I work closely with a range of other designers in the city who I would be happy to help you get your logo designed, and then animated. 

What software do you use? PC or Mac?

PC .. or Mac, I can use both, I do use both. (PC for the win though) As for software, my main homie is After Effects, and the whole adobe suite. I’ve been using photoshop since I was 10. (I hope one day I recover my first photoshop image, it was kirby and mario fighting dudes from diablo II) Recently started getting into Illustrator and Cinema4D, hoping to expand my skills in those two programs.

I have a logo and I need an animated version by tomorrow...HELP!

Call my phone (see contact page), we can work something out. Calm down, I’m a wizard and I can make it happen.